Today - Byzantine jewelry making techniques requires very creative, talented, skilled, and innovative goldsmith to duplicate, and combine the old techniques with the new in their reproduction process. In the Byzantine era, these sophisticated jewels were a status symbol; therefore, only the wealthy would have been able to afford such luxurious jewelry. In today’s modern time, there are very few artists who continue creating those traditional intricate, ornately etched, filigree infused with beautiful gem stones on 18K gold and, sterling silver metals, in creating Byzantine jewelry designs/motifs, at moderate price points. Now, you can make your selection of an unforgettably unique piece of Byzantine jewelry for that very special person… 


Please Note: This collection is based on “order-on-demand”, each piece is hand crafted and customized just for you. Therefore, this process requires a few weeks to be produced and delivered to us; and an additional few days to arrive in your possession. Please, also note that we do have some jewelry items in stock for immediate delivery. 

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